Correct Spark-Plug Gapping?


Jul 17, 2003
Hey Guys,

I just have a simple question, what is the correct spark-plug gapping for a Hot-Air GN?:confused: I have a '84 GN Stock, no upgrades yet, just doing a alittle spring cleaning in December:D ,
i checked the manual for this year and it say .060"?:confused: I'm not sure if thats correct, I looked on in the "Spring Cleaning" section and it says to gap at .035" is that correct? Can anyone give me the corect gapping, i'm using Autolite spark plugs, thanks. :)

Joseph C.
For future reference, as you modify the car and turn the boost up you will need to close the gap down a little to prevent misfiring. I ended up at .28 toward the end so I could run 19psi but my car was pretty heavily modded. A 20yr old coilpack/module doesn't help either.
Hey Cool84,

Thanks for the info, really appreciate, on the coil pack, what would you suggest?:confused: :D :)

Joseph C.
Hey Ed,

Thanks for the reply, but i wasn't fortunate enough that my GN came with one:D and even the repair manuals suck, they don't really tell much about our cars, but thanks anyway:) all info is respectedly well accepted, kind of lonely for me in our Hawaii base club here, most of the guys all have intercooled TR, i'm pretty much the only one with a Hot-Air GN, thats ok, wanna try see how far i can go with my GN:D ;) thanks.

Joseph C.