Couldn't get into trouble last night:(


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May 24, 2001
Took the GN out last night, set on KILL mode: 22-23psi MaxEffort and 110octane, but looking BONE STOCK.
Natta. Nothin'. Nobody was even out to show off my "35mph tire blazing act".
Probably good thing of course but still...:(
About time to store it for the winter anyway.

You know, that's kind of weird isn't it? Everytime we go out fishing all we find are minnows, but when we're not prepared, we find blue marlin. My car has been down for a few weeks now and I see all kinds of Stangs and Vettes. I am sure when I get it out though there will be nothing but Pintos and Gremlins roaming the streets. All we can say is.... maybe next time..
tell me about this 35mph tire blazing act? lol sounds cool
Originally posted by gimpymcss
tell me about this 35mph tire blazing act? lol sounds cool
This is very easy to do,1st get a GN,2nd go about 30-35 and then mash the pedal 3rd watch the rear view mirrir for smoke..:D
We may try for act 2 this weekend. But I'm not going to push my luck. My neighbor has a 70ish Chevelle with a built SB that I was trying to find last weekend but I could never find him at the right moment. It sounds pretty healthy but only about 12.5 healthy to me, if that. I have never spoke to him although he is only 2 houses away. He prolly thinks that my car is fairly stock so I'd love to wax him. The coolest part is that I still have the factory exhaust (no cat) so my car is SOOO quiet, it doesn't sound FAST:D