Cracked frame


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While trying to discover the source of my wheel hop I found that my frame on the drivers side is cracked. the best way I can describe it is if you were to take the wheel off in the rear the section of frame you see from the front of the wheel well to about the middle of the tire(roughly 6 to 8 inches) is coming apart. The welds look like they broke causing the two pieces to split. While it isnt gaping the two halves are def not welded together anymore. There is also a crack running up the side of the frame about an inch long. Could this be my wheel hop issue? Or just the results of my wheel hop. Has anyone else had this problem. The wheel hop issue is sickening. I am almost to the point of giving up on the car. Car details are
78 Malibu Ls2 and 6 Speed swap, GN 8.5 rear, Double adjustable upper arms w urethane bushings, Boxed lowers with relocation brackets set to 1 adjustment below stock, stock rear sway bar I have tried several pinion angle locations, QA1 12 way adjustable shocks, brand new stock moog springs. 500rwhp. Car runs strong on the street and wheel hop isnt really an issue. (Almost never happens) Take the car to the track and its peter cottontail hopping all over the place. The only thing that helps at the track is set the shocks to about 9 and 15 psi in the nt555 275-60-15 drag radials. I did have an issue were the lower control arm on the driver side had broken the welds on the frame mount, but I fixed that. Wheel base is exact from driver to passenger side. I also have a lean on the car. The driver side sits 1 inch lower than the passenger side.