CRANKSHAFT!!! 3.625"

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Sep 16, 2003
Montreal, Canada
So I am in a need of a Crankshaft! My Moldex is shot and I would like an input on who has tried what.
I won't bother calling Moldex. GN1 has a Chinese for $599 narrow journal. Anyone tried those??
TA has a wide Journal like mine at $3.150 that hurts my pocket right now
Weber is $799
My Motor dynod 1188 and GN1 says good for 1200 HP but I wonder...:(




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Sep 30, 2013
Contact Dave Husek I know he has a Buick motor sports crank from a stage 2. He might be willing to sell it.

grass doctor

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Sep 21, 2018
saint augustine fl
Hope for the best
Then buy the best if your at 1200 dang
A lot o money for Bryant or winberg or tha la enterprises kryptonic crank :eek:
I know your on a budget sounds like a awesome motor


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Feb 14, 2002
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I use the GN1 cranks and Molnar rods. GN1 3.625" in a TA block. 10.5:1 compression. 6500RPM frequently. E85 with 160lb injectors in the 75-85% duty range.

Not sure what makes the big dollar cranks worth the big dollars. All of the cracked, broken, bent cranks I recall have been either bone stock or BMS / high end cranks. I do recall someone re-ground a 3.400 chinese crank years ago to make a stroker out of it and it let loose.


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Apr 30, 2005
Charlotte, NC
At your power level I am sure a billet crank will be recommended. I haven't seen a high end crank fail. Not too many BMS failures either. Maybe 1 3.625 that was snapped and again I don't think it was the cranks fault. Crank material strength has been disputed before on here, BMS 5140 vs BMS 4340 vs Billet vs the forgings. The big argument was the vertical grain vs the horizontal grain. Every since we've gotten away from the early single pass 6.5 Carillo rods in high powered stage 2 motors has the carnage stopped. I don't know if it has been resolved yet but there was a bearing shortage (scare) for a while around the early middle of last year. If your motor was assembled around that time I would inspect them as well. I personally wouldn't go narrow journal. You would have to machine your rods to narrow journal, decreasing your current bearing surface width. All of my stage motors currently have billet cranks in them. 3.58 Crower, 3.625 Winberg, 3.59 Crower, and King crankshaft 3.400.
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Apr 30, 2005
Charlotte, NC
I would not hesitate to use a SCAT billet. I had contacted Pankl ( old LA Billet) to see if they were interested in making the Buick crank again and they said no. Scat, Winberg, King, Crower, Moldex and Bryant. Great companies that are still making a billet crank for the group, it just sucks that the price is about twice as much as the comparable v8 crank. I feel that if it is run off of a CNC program, takes less billet, less time, and the same amount of human intervention, it should be relatively the same price but I am not the one paying for the CNC operation, I just built the machines.