New place to buy M1 methanol in Ma

Rick the pool guy

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Feb 7, 2017
A motorcycle dealer in Auburn ma
Is now a VP racing fuel distributor
Picked up 2 5 gals jugs for under 82$
Its called international motorsports
508 832 9494 .I'm trying to create a demand so they have it in stock
Right now it's on a ordering basis


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rick have you tried denatured alcohol ... it has a slightly higher octane rating by three or four points and has better cooling than M1 and readily available at Lowes and Home Depot ... just sayin.
I'll pass that on to Al. His friend with the dyno shop was looking for M1 for his super charged LS customers.
rick just FYI make sure to get the 190 proof~ 95% product on the denatured stuff.. not the 50%.. think it runs 16 bucks a gallon and certain stores ... drink up billy :p... M1 is still great stuff too and little safer... there are benifits to both the denatured stuff is easier of pump seals and cheaper.. The M1 is safer for those not as skilled with tuning and data logging/ engine management
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