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Hey every1 I just registered here because I feel that the people here will be the most help for my next project. I want to fit the grand national motor into a 94-95 mustang. I know I'm crazy for wanting to completely change manufacturers like this, but I was never sane. I need to know what am I gonna have to do, all the new parts I'm gonna have to change out etc. My other question is if it will be better to stay with an automatic or can I go to a stick shift. I understand that it's easier with an automatic, but I have always loved banging gears with a stick shift. To me every muscle car should be stick shift, but I can't argue with the manufacturers in building such great cars in the grand national and T-Types. Thanks for your time. If you guys/gals are wondering why I am doing it is because I need something thats good on gas and because around here people will not race GN's, well if they are smart they won't :) Thanks for the help guys!
this has been done, can't remember where I saw it...I think on Lubrants page (can't find the link) but they called it the "Butang"

I've found the easiest thing to do when mixing manufacturers is to buy an entire donor car. This way you are sure to have everything you need for the swap. That type of swap will take a little self engineering (mainly mounts) but is not difficult if you can weld.

Lucky for you, the Turbo Regals were prone to rust so try to find a complete but rusty car. I've seen them for $2500.00+ complete and you could sell the left over parts and make alot of your money back. Here's one I recently ran might be able to work out a deal

As for going manual trans. I wouldn't suggest it. I prefer to bang the gears my self but I've driven manual turbo cars that make alot less power than the Buicks and I can see how the autos work better. Put in a manual valve body and have the best of both worlds.

You could go crazy trying to piece everthing together...and broke...believe me.
You'd have to spend $10K-20K to make a manual transimission work behind buick turbo motor. It just has too many strikes against it, ranging from the 3.8L's narrow power band, no high rpm capability because of the cast crank and restrictive heads and emormous torque when the turbo does spool. If you want to bang gears, turbocharge a V8 (you still have the problems of driveline breakage)
THX for the help every1. I will be trying to do this over the summer if it is not going to cost to much money. I just got this idea last night. I'm hopefully gonna have a mid 10 car when I'm all done. The way I see it is that the only modifactions that are going to need to be done for this to work is for the engine and tranny. The rearend, shocks, etc. will be just like working on a Ford. THanks for the tranny help too, I figured that I was still going to have to use an auto, but thats fine with me. Thx again every1!:)
P.S. How heavy were the 86-87 GN's and T-Types? 3700 lbs right?
It isn't that light stock is it? The lighter weight is one of the reasons why I am putting it into the mustang body (base V6, not even power windows or locks). How much does a stock GN way? Another reason why I want to put it into the mustang is because I like the body style of the mustangs more, don't get me wrong I love the way the GN's look but I'm just not as crazy about them as I am mustangs.
He sent me a link to an album of his car, it's bad a$$ Several pics of the front wheels in the air.:eek: I can't seem to get it to work by posting it, but he'll probably send you some pics.