Crazy wheelies Camaro....... *Vid*

Those other cars drove right around him while he was carrying the front end. Wonder if that 8.65 pass was his?
Pretty cool...I used to know a few guys from Md. Performance when I lived in Md. Got my nitrous bottles filled there, bought some parts from them and had them do work on my '93 GT.
The real cool thing about that car is that i see that car driven weekly on the street around here in good weather!! It is one of the nastiest sounding cars i have ever heard.Mike is a real crowd pleaser in the outlaw street classes around here.
Actually I did notice that he lost more than he won.

Was that the crank that flew out form the car when he blew the motor?
I believe it was a little of everything as a result of over-revving when the back tires came off the ground. I think it is the crank that you see hit the track towards the centerline though.

It certainly takes brass balls to repeatedly destroy engines and body panels in the name of fun and pleasing the crowd! :D
A few tracks down south are now paying him to go down. Although Mike doesn't win many OPS races his is definitely a crowd favorite and one hell of a nice guy. You should see this car up close it's scary to see how he keeps it ties do more than fasten wires!