Cruise-in Nostalgia


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Jul 8, 2005
Took the new Sy to a small weekly cruise the other day. I got there towards the end and only a dozen plus cars were still there. It was mostly old school cars with all old school owners. You know, where the owners age is higher than the year model of their ride. I was probably the youngest person there and at 53 that's saying something. There were just a couple of modern cars in attendance. By modern, I mean post catalytic converter cars, to include a very clean, showroom mint '84 Cutlass Supreme. Anyway, I roll up in the Sy to find most of the owners sitting under a pop-up. They hardly noticed me. I park and since almost no one else had their hood up and I really haven't had time to clean on the Sy, I left mine closed as well. I walk up to the crowd and say hi. One of them glanced up and said, "What you got in that hot rod." I replied, "It's all stock" and got a comment from another owner "Yeah, that's what we all say." It was at that moment it hit me, no body there had a freaking clue about what a Syclone was. All they saw was an all black mini truck with ground effects and fancy wheels. It immediately took me back to the late '80s when I would cruise my all black car in to a parking lot full of brightly colored Mustangs and Camaros and the occasional '60s muscle car. Back before the reputation was fully formed and the question I would get is, "You got a v-8 in that thing?", my reply, "Naw, it's just a 6, wanna race?"

Man, I felt like a kid again! It was great being able to laugh about having something rare enough that no body pays attention to it but knowing it was probably the fastest thing there. ;):D
Car shows bother me because people in general do not respect the work and effort put into the cars and they treat them like a mall adventure (kids climbing, adults touching and leaning on). Secondly it can easily be an opportunity for thieves to locate their prey and follow them home. I hate to be this negative but the world has changed and sadly there are more bad players than there used to be.
From my first car show on to present most people have no idea what a turbo Buick is. Once in a while I'll hear a comment about my T being a fast six cylinder. Most just see a not so old Buick. I did get a compliment from a very nice young blonde the other day.