Custom bend upper radiator hose


Self-tuning wanna-be
Apr 14, 2012
I am not sure why, but I am not understanding why I am having so much trouble finding a place to custom make me an upper radiator hose. This is Florida...we have shoppes that make just about anything...
Don't recall EVER seeing a shop "make" a radiator hose out of rubber.
Are you wanting something in tubing and connectors?
If you want a "regular" hose, make a pattern with a coat hanger, go to the ap store and ask to look thru the hoses.
Find one that fits the pattern, even if other parts of it are unusable. Cut to fit.
We do this very often. We then save the label for the customer, so they can repeat if necessary.
Are looking for something like steel, like I have in the picture...I know, need to re-polish it, or are you looking like a factory fit like the other picture. If you're looking for the 1st one, let me know and I'll look up my reciept to see where I got mine from, if you're looking for the 2nd one, how does $20 plus shipping sound
The company I got the one I polished, you have the option of 2 hoses weather you're using the factory Intercooler or not