Custom fuel rails. pics

disco stu

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Apr 10, 2002
I trashed two engines, due to fuel delivery problems it seems. Everything looked good on the dyno and 1/8th mile. But at the 1000' mark it melted #1, both times. So now, I am overkilling the fuel system. And the first area to address was a dual fed rail. I was being cheap, and did not spend that much coin on rails. So I went this route. Plain ol fuel rail extrusion, but with a wire cover made out of c channel aluminum extrusion. The machine work was taken care of by TKGN1 (thanks dude). All I had to do was weld on mounting feet, and cap off the end of the covers and do the mounting tabs. The first pic shows the grooves the cover rests in.
I am running dual -8 in, dual -6 out.




My last post comes off wrong since you added to your post. :redface:

I was looking at those too. But when I saw you could get generic rails for twenty something a foot I thought why not whip up my own.
Yeah they look very nice, With the 2 in and 2 out do they Y into one ?Or how did you do that?Looks like a good E85 project nice job:cool:
The two feed lines are t'ed to a -10. I'd have to anodize them for e85. But I've thought about doing it down the road maybe, if I'm where it's pretty available.