Custom Made Center Caps


I just finally got my T-Type rims swapped on my GN. I like them better. I had a delema though, I really didn't want to pay almost another $200 for a set of center caos for them. This is what I did.
I ordered a set of GNX reproduction caps from Kirban's. (by the way, they are actually a firebird cap with a GNX sticker over it) But for $65 it is a great deal.

I popped out the emblems in the new caps. Used my Rotary tool to open up the hole to fit the emblem of my GN caps. Making sure it was a snug fit I glued the turbo six logo in the new caps and I was done.

I know Kirban's used to sell these repro caps with a turbo six logo already on it, but they don't anymore.

They look great! A nice factory looking set-up yet different. If anyone wants to see pics, let me know. I can e-mail them. Unless someone can help me post them.