Custom Super-cooler complete setup.


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Sep 18, 2007
I have for sale a B&M Super cooler (11"x11") setup that i built for my GN but have since taken it off. It worked great, but i have shosen not to run a oil cooler.

The it a custom kit that includes everything you need to put it into your car. You will only need to make a small bracket to bolt onto the middle section of the rad support (see photo)

Super cooler with brackets and fittings
-8 stainless braided hose. Both feed and return with fittings
Modified oil cooler adapter with fittings
bracket to hold hoses to frame

I am asking $400 for everything. It seems like alot, but all these fittings and the super cooler alone are all expensive. Everything is in near new condition. and you get something that fits and works prefectly.

If you are interested in this kit, please PM me.


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