Cylinder #6 Valve spring help


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May 25, 2001
I did the driver side head just fine now I am moving on to the passenger side. I have got the springs off of number 6 but I don't see how I can ever get it back together. Do I have to take the heater hose lines out of there? The large engine harness is in the way, should I do something with that?
When I did mine I didn't unhook the heater lines but I did disconnect the wire harness in a couple places to gain a little more room to work.
What was your method for putting the keepers in? On the driver's side I used tweezers but without any room I expect to drop them a lot.
I used the crows foot style spring compressor tool so I had a decent amount of room over a traditional type of spring compressor if thats what your using.
I am using the Kirban style tool, I don't know what else could fit in there. I was just wondering how you held onto the keepers when putting them back in. Fingers, magnet, tweezers?
I put a little grease on my finger to help the keepers stick to my finger without having to "hold" it. I also put a little grease on the keeper to keep it on the valve stem without falling off.
Well its done. I finally crawled over the front of the engine and used my bare fingers.