D5 loosed up


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May 25, 2001
I am thinking about getting a stock d5 loosed up and was wondering who does this the best?I looked through the ramchargers catalog and seen the red and orange stripes. I would like to lock the torque converter up maybe third gear or so but if i bought one of these red or orange stripe units will they have new clutches in them. As you can see by my sig i am not all that fast so i don't think i will break anything on my trans. It has 20k since rebuild and shifts perfect. I read somewhere that if they had new clutches in the torque that it was a bad idea to lock it. If that is the case i guess i will stay with my stock d5. Who is happy with their loosened d5,where did you get it, and do you lock it. :)......sorry for so many questions but want to speed up just a little, 13.3's just ain't fast enough...........thanks so much.........Bob