Dakota Digital VSS Tach issue

Cape Cod GN

May 21, 2014
Hi all I wired in a Dakota Digital Dash for the GN. All works great but having an issue with the Tach. When I do a cold start the Tach bounces and will also just cut out completely. Then start again intermittently and keep bouncing then cut out. Then when the car warms up the Tach works fine. I was thinking it was a ground but why does it work when the car warms up? This has been going on for a month now. I have driven it multiple times and same thing each time. I checked wiring and all looks good. Im looking to buy the Tach buffer from DD. Could this work. Just don’t get why it only works after it warms up. Thank you.
You have to use the tach buffer and wire it to the tach wire at the coil pack or the tach wire near the alternator.
thanks. I have a 200amp Power Bastards alternator. I’m wondering if it’s causing the issue until the current overflow cable sends the extra juice back to the battery.
It's not your alternator if you don't have that has buffer you will have all kinds of issues with the tach.
I had one of their buffers go bad and basically lost the teach signal. Ordered a new last year and everything is back to normal.