Damn Powermasters!!!!


Aug 7, 2001
ok guys,

I am in need of some help! :eek: I need a power master gasket and cap. Here is the kicker! My car is an 85 GN.... GM used a smaller resivor on the powermasters from 84 thru mid 85. They used the bigger resivor from late 85 thru 87. The bigger lid and gaskets are readily available....the smaller ones are not... guess which one I have? hmmmmm.....:confused: THE SMALLER ONE!!!! Does anyone have a gasket and cap for the smaller resivor power master? Please let me know..... car will not stop without this.....



no this doenst solve your problem....

But couldnt you switch over to the more widely used one right now while your vehicle is down anyway. I can fek you if money is an issue, but Id just thought Id ask.

Jerry Berger Jr.
I could but there is nothing wrong with the powermaster that is on there now... in addition, new powermasters go between $500-$900 new and I will not buy a rebuild...

I thought you were referring to the brake master cylinder. Nevermind my bad. Not to familiar with the powermaster. I've always had the hydroboost on my hotair and it stops on half a dime every time.

Sorry for sounding like a jerk.

Jerry Berger
some of the rebuilt powermasters i get from autozone have the small resivor on them. i have used many with little problem's and have a lifetime warranty. all for 149.00. also you can pry the small resivor out and install the larger setup. if you have one. i see the smaller ones at the bone yards. should be easy to find.
I thought I would be able to pry out the old reservoir as well but I think that the mounting hole spacing is different.