Debut of Hakaida

I'll be watching! From now, it starts getting GOOD. Glad I'm not the only one here still *re-living* his childhood. Right on, Geoff.:D

IS it really the last week?

No rerunds after that? Every Sunday my Kids look forward to watching Kikada.

Hey Geoff,
I have no idea who that is! Haha, I heard of em though. Anyways, check out my new sig. Let me know when you want to pick up the pump.
Thanks again,
It's not Hakaidai! It's HAKAIDA!

You know Power Rangers, right? :eek: :D

Well, Kikaida is us "thirty something" guys version of POWER RANGERS, except, just one ranger. :eek: :D ;)

Derek, you'll have to call ME. I got my phone replaced, so all my #'s are gone. No rush though, thanks!

Here's a Kikaida site. Generation Kikaida
Properties for rent

I know this isn't really anything to do with this topic, but I keep noticing the link at the bottom of your sig's. Do you work for a rental agency? I am looking to move in June, and was just wondering.

Anyone know if they will air Kamen Rider V3 or RainbowMan? Kikaida was just the tip of the iceberg.
Ripped off again!

Well, KIKU did it again! Robbed us loyal fans of a 1/2 hour of Kikaida, and aired some crappy show in its place. Lose money.
On top of that, Hakaida didn't show. Well, I kinda knew he wouldn't show for a while, especially since the Doc is still running around. Sigh. Hope they show *2* episodes next week.