December 12th Meet - Fullerton CA


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Jun 23, 2003
Monthly Motorgen Meet at Nick's Burger in Fullerton. The meet starts at 6:30p.m. Thread is here, and event is here. A great mix of domestic, import, and euro. Everyone is welcome - the food is good and it's a great group of people!

The address for Nick's is:

Nick's Burger
1712 W. Orangethorpe Ave
Fullerton, CA 92833

I know it'll be cold and it might be raining, but I'll be there regardless. Plenty of seating at Nick's :)

I'm also gauging interest for a PCH cruise to ring in the New Year on Saturday, January 2nd 2010. I'm thinking of meeting at Savi Ranch again at noon and going from there. If anyone has any route suggestions post them up here please.

Here, here, and here are the pictures (and video) from the last cruise for anyone that missed it. We ended up with over 45 cars - import, domestic, classic muscle, and euro. It was a fun cruise and an overall great time!
We're still on tonight - rain or shine. Nick's has plenty of seating if everyone just wants to hang out and get some food. I am also still proceeding with the idea of a PCH cruise on the 2nd. Does any know any good restaurants along the way the would make a suitable end point for the cruise? If anyone has any ideas post them here.
If you go south to north there are 3 or 4 restaurants between the river and Westminster blvd, just as you enter long beach, Mimi's is one, with lots of parking.
I dont know anything between Huntington Beach and San Clemente with enough parking.
What does everyone think of this route for the New Year's cruise (on January 2nd)?

I was thinking we could meet at Savi Ranch at noon, cruise the 91fwy to the 15fwy and go through Ortega Canyon. Then we could hop on PCH all the way down by Dana Point and drive it back up to Costa Mesa. The endpoint would be a pizza place called Haus of Pizza. The Ferrari guys have been doing a meet their for years and I've heard good things. The food is supposed to be really good (it even won an award from the OC Register this year) and I think the parking lot would be able to accommodate us. What do you all think? Is this something you would be interested in? Please post any suggestions you may have!