Decided to keep my V6


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Oct 4, 2006
I posted before about putting a SBC in my 87 GN, but now after spending some hand on time with it I wanna keep it like it came.

Here is what it looked like before I started puttering.


And now after a few nights of puttering with it and seeing what makes it tick.



I did find some interesting things out about the engine though, the guy I bought it from told me they rebuilt the original engine, but I found a tag that said ADVANCE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES engine division of CHAMPION PARTS
Part # R&R
SER# 699-J-18
(Advance Automotive Industries Inc. [Engine Remanufacturers])
so I wonder if they just got a reman long block and traded the original in as a core? This engine has privisions for a dist, and manual fuel pump (see pic below)

Any how I can tell you 1 thing for sure these cars have a ton of wires :eek:. I mainly took it apart to power wash the front section and clean and paint everything, make it look as nice with the hood open as it does with the hood closed.
I am proud of my v6. I think if you feal like you can't go fast enough with you six than maybe a 8 is what you want. But I am glad to see you are staying with your 6. :)
That's how my $45k dollar complete restoration started on my 70 Chevelle SS396...just to paint the engine. :smile: Good luck to you, sir. ;)