Decided to stay home for over a week and do lots of drugs


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May 25, 2001
I've pretty much stayed at home for the last 1-1/2 weeks and popped a bunch of pills. The hydro's and oxy's aren't working as well as they did at first. All you guys need to do is visit your local ER in severe pain, get a CT scan showing a 1mm and a 7mm kidney stone in your ureter with your kidney looking like a balloon, and tell them you want to try and pass it. Fortunately it is now in my bladder, and my pain is a 2 instead of a vomit inducing 10. I can't wait to detox.
ouch. gotta stay hydrated. if you are thirsty it is too late. one of my coworkers is having surgery for his stone . he was in such pain they thought he was having a stroke when they took him to the ER.
hope you get better.
Thanks Tex. I do drink a lot of fluids, I'm just a stone maker. I have averaged one a year for the last 30 years in my right kidney, and the ureter is all stretched out with scar tissue as well and they don't really hurt that bad anymore. This is the first big stone out of my left kidney, and the pain has been off the charts. I'm just thankful it is in my bladder now.
I'm sure you have a specialist but did you ever do a 24 hr urine collection/ analysis?
Yes, several times and normal results. My creatinine levels have always been elevated but the 24hr test always comes back ok.
Finally passed, 6.5mm