delayed shifts?



when i do a wot blast it shifts fine. During normal driving, part throttle to half throttle, it feels like the car doesn't want to shift in either 2nd-3rd or 3rd-4th unless i let off the gas a little and then it shifts. Is the tv cable too tight? should I move the cable forward a little more?
A maladjusted TV cable is a possibility as is a sticky TV valve in the valve body. Checking the TV cable adjustment is the easiest & most logical first step.

Be careful though as you don't want to manually slack up on it and take a chance that the pressure gets too low.
when driving normally my 1st-2nd shift happens around 17-18 mph and 2nd-3rd at around 28-30 mph.
ok i moved the cable housing forward a little and shifts earlier too. Now it shifts firm under hard accelration but partial throttle, all the shifts are soft. is that normal?