denatured vs methanol


Jul 30, 2003
Which one is better?? Can methanol be used in the Alcohol injection kit?? Pro's/Con's??

Thanks alot,

Depends on the pump you use. If you go the DIY/Shurflo pump route you can use either.

If you have an EFI type pump, then use denatured with lubricant.

On the Shurflo pump, no lube.

They both work..advantage is cost..methanol is way cheaper, and it has no odor. Denatured kinda smells like antifreeze burning.

I've been running on methanol for months now, no issues..great performance.
This is really not scientific but I get Denatured on my hand, it feels cool,

but methanol feels really cold. Probably evaporates more and this help suppress detonation better.