DFW new owner (again)


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Mar 7, 2024
Hello all, My name is Dave and I have turbo Regal sickness.
Had a GN about 28 years ago, it was fast but a pos. ATR was the main player for these then. About a year later I picked up a 87' Turbo T and had it for about seven years. It was a great car, drove it everywhere. GNX style dash, Art Carr trans, 3:73 gears, and all the other bolt on goodies. Never had issues with it except the usual Powermaster things. For some unknown reason I sold it and ever since then I've regretted it.
Over the last couple months I started to get the itch again and you know what they say about just "looking around". I found the near identical car down south of me. The only difference is this car has rear defrost and manual seats. Convincing the wife was easy task since we met when I had my other Turbo T.
The guy I got it from bought it from the original owners. Originally sold at a Don Carter Chevrolet in Pearland TX, they got the title transferred to them in 1989 with 43161 miles. Between then and now it only covered 2200 miles or so. Was pulled out of a storage building with a bunch of other cars that was falling down. During it's 30+ year storage rats made a home under the hood, surface rust on things from humidity, filler panels disintegrated, headliner fell down, and something got spilled on the left rear trunk and quarter. All 100% original, even had a GM Goodwrench immobilizer / alarm still on it.
The guy I got it from did a bunch of stuff to make it road worthy. I got it and drove it to Houston for the trailer ride home. Really brings back memories. I'm only 49 but I asked the wife if this makes me a old fart trying to reclaim my youth? We laughed, maybe it does, but I love it.
Goal is a quick street toy. Clean and comfortable. Focusing on repairing a few issues and doing preventative items for a good baseline / reliability. Then light mods to wake it up like Pypes exhaust, Turbo Tweaks chip / injectors, intake with LS1 MAF, etc.

Good to be back.

Call Dr. Hackwell (site counselor), he provides all of us with anti-depressants. Gives a discount if you buy a year's supply! :ROFLMAO:
Know how you feel. Had a GN in 89 to 92 and got the itch also. Had a recurring dream I had my GN and woke up bummed out. Fixed that 2015. Enjoy, I know I have.