Dick Baker NA V6 Super Stocker


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Feb 22, 2003
I always thought this was an interesting car from "back in the day". This Buick Regal was given to Dick Baker by Buick in an "unofficial" sponsorship deal since Buick Motor Division wasn't allowed to "officially" sponsor NHRA Super Stock. I don't remember all the engine particulars, but it was a carbed Stage II engine. I know Dick has passed away and the car is no longer raced. The last info I heard about it was that his son now has this car. Great picture of it sitting at a race next to the Roland Leong "Hawaiian" car hauler.

SWEET! I love the look of these cars all raced out. They are just plain cool.
I sat next to Roland Leong in a suite at the AZ Nationals a few years ago. He had some wild stories! John Force stopped by and talked with him for a couple minutes, too.

That was an interesting day. :)