Did I get this car at a good $$$$$?????

Dream Car 87 GN

lookin for tuning help
My E-Bay Purchase
The above link is the E-Bay auction that i got my GN from. Just wondering what you guys thought about what i paid for it? Fair? Cheap? Too Much?
It runs great and the body is just about as good as i looks in the pics with a couple dings here and there. Interior is mint!! and i drove it over 1000 miles home with out a problem, no smoke, knock, leaks ect... Just looking for your info about my purchase as it is the first TB or GN i have ever bought
Looks good! Congrats on your purchase. Must have been a great feeling taking that long drive home! I only had a 100 mile drive home, and it was an awesome experience after living for almost 8 years without a musclecar, a 1000 mile drive must have been awesome! :cool: What road did you take home? I drove my GN to Indianapolis two weeks after I bought it, 800 miles one way. Cruising down the PA Turnpike at 3:00 AM on a Saturday morning was soooo cool. :D

Do the "spring cleaning" on gnttype.org, throw a little elbow grease at that bad boy and enjoy. Just be careful, these cars can be hard on the wallet if you're not careful. Get a scantool, first and foremost.

Good luck,
its got a clean car fax....except it says in 97 it had 175k on the car?i think you stold the car,if you ask me...my car is mint inside and out and came with another brand new motor,even tho mine was already rebuilt,but i paid 15k...i drove from florida to maryland to get it and trailered it home in a enclosed..you need to get it running good tho so you can really feel like you stoled it ;) there hasnt been to many go threw ebay at that cheap(ive been watching)..one just went threw for under 8k with a moon roof and it looked really nice inside and out,very clean...you wont ever lose money on it for sure...good luck...
If that is in fact Lou's personal car then you have a steal. When he was still in business I would drive all the way up from San Diego to have my car serviced. He was a perfectionist when it came to grand nationals and I can only imagine that this would be even more so when it came to his own personal cars.
Heck yea!

Looks like a greaaaat deal. I was wondering who bought that car. Now it's time for some more fun.

I have heard Lou's name mentioned quite favorably over the last couple years. Does the body need any work? It looks good, no matter what the miles, therefore you have no excuse for NOT doing some tuning. I am thinking I should find nice car that I can do the a same with. (Don't want to mess with my T).

Good luck, and yea I'm jealous too. :biggrin: Hope to see you down the road.
Yup - I's say you did quite well there. I'd havebought it for that price in a heartbeat except we (my son and I) have three now and I'd have to build another garage to keep it in.

Lotsa good folks on this board - anytime you have a question, do a search and you will find good, experienced information.

best of luck with the car