Digital dash speedometer gauge cluster


Jul 4, 2004
I have a digital dash gauge cluster, would make a good core, use for parts, or to send out for an upgrade above the 85mph limit.

Pulled several years ago from an 85 Regal as a spare when I owned a digital dash car and stored in a garage cabinet since.

$100 Plus shipping and insurance if desired.
Had requests for pics from a couple members via pm. Here y'all go.

Plastic lens/face good and clear. Trip reset knob needs repainting from skin oil over the years.

Back when I pulled it a few years ago I was able to verify it powered up with the key turned on. Since then it sat indoors in a steel shop cabinet in climate controlled storage. (About 4 years if memory is correct) No way to test now, thus being sold as a core for upgrade, rebuild, or parts.