DIY alcohol kit question


Aug 14, 2001
If I used the shurflo pump for a DIY kit, is it better to use 100% denatured like the SMC kit or is it better to go with a 50% meth/50% water mix. Or something else?

So will I get as much knock protection and power using 50% water/isopropyl as running just denatured like in the SMC kit?

You will get more knock suppression using methanol than denatured or meth/water mixture. I use straight methanol in mine. I can get meth for 1/3 the cost of denatured.

You may get better cooling effect using the meth/water mixture.
All will work to help the performance, just takes more volumn of one than the other which may be what yellow 95 is refering to.

Gary :)
Thanks for the reply Gary.

You use 100% methanol in your shurflo pump? Are there any corrosion issues with the pump, tank, hoses or nozzles?

The price sounds good!

The pump isn't affected by the methanol. What I don't like about it is that it takes about 5 seconds to quit spraying (pressure to bleed down) after turning power off to the pump.
Another thing is the pulsing(not steady pressure) due to low flow.
The larger the jet or orifice you can use the better.
I have one of SMC's kit as well and have used straight methanol with it. I know Steve doesn't warranty or suggest it.
Plus another of my buddies has been using 100% methanol in one of SMC older systems for close to a year. His only problem was the type of tubing on the old (really old) system. After that he has had no problem.

I have one of these Shurflo pumps on my ATR Liquid intercooler and it is over TEN (10) years old. It pumps through a 1/2" line and moves some volumn, but it is still working great.

Gary :)
Is there anything that can be done to stop the spraying due to the prsssure after shut down? Maybe a one way pressure valve that closes at 50 psi or so?

How does the SMC kit prevent this from happening?


Lets talk about this Shurflo pump. I had one on my car last year (model slv10-aa41 ) 12 volt --4.0 amp.--40 psi. It says to use a #8 spray tip or larger. It has the hose barbs molded into the head. I broke one of the barbs off ( my stupidity ) I now have a new one (same one ). Is this the same pump you are using? This pump is an external pump, a little larger than a stock intank pump. I am using methanol also. The way I was able to keep constant flow was to put a tee in the discharge line and return some of the alky to the tank. Steve at SMC was kind enough to sell me a tank and some fittings. Now I am looking for a source to purchase some of the aqua mist stainless nozzles. Anyone know where I can get them? Thanks
my experience indicates alcohol becomes more corrosive when water is added.
Also, bigger jets are not the way to go. After a certain flow rate (size) you begin to loose atomization.
If your pump is drawing only 4 amps and giving 40lbs you're borderline on the pump. All the pumps I've tested draw 9-12 amps and deliver 70-130 lbs at flow.
The post-spray residual flow shouldn't be a problem. If you just don't like it you could rig an accumulator tank & solenoid valve arrangement. This would also afford the benefit of instant pressurized flow (no pump lag ).
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