Diy Alky For Beginners Like Me

Red Regal T

Senior Member
May 24, 2001
This is an invitation to those of you who are interested in, but have not installed alcohol injection on your car. There are no downsides to alcohol injection.......Only advantages. Make a lot more power and protect your motor from detonation at the same time.

Installing a quality alky kit on your TR is not expensive nor is it complicated. One of our members, Steve Monroe, has a site that gives easy, complete, instructions on how to make up and install what is commonly referred to as the DIY alchohol injection system. I put mine together over three years ago. While you have to get parts from different sources, it takes no more time to install than any other kit. Cost me about $150 then, and I think I can duplicate it today for $175. The DIY kit employs the use of the $60 Shurflo pump #2687. More pump than you'll ever need. If you have any problems locating any of the parts, or need some specific information on installation, just post here on the alky forum for answers. Additionally to the instructions on the website below, I have installed a warning light next to my boost gauge to let me know the pump is spraying and an activation or test button so I can activate the system manually. Also worth mentioning is, with the Sureflo pump, it's not necessary to gum up your alky mixture with lubricant. It's not necessary. Spend more if you want to. If you've read some posts here making you think installing or using alky was complicated, it's not at all. Here's Steve Monroe's website....

Talk about reliability, I have more than 75,000 miles on my car since I installed the DIY kit, and can truthfully say, it has never failed to come on. Never had a pump failure. I have no knock in high gear at 24 psi running a TE44 turbo. DIY alcohol injection not only gives you more power, cheaply, but protects your engine from destructive detonation, which could destroy your motor. I NEVER had any problem tuning it. Just figure your turn-on point, usually between 10 and 15#s of boost, set it and forget it. There is no pump speed to set. Pump is preset to 60 psi and I use a .032 jet and a one gallon reservoir. End of story! However, if you like to experiment, the pump pressure is adjustable to over 100 psi. I've read many posts about alky being hard to tune, I really don't know what they're talking about. They must not have a Steve Monroe DIY kit. This DIY kit can put your STOCK TR into the 12s. Get busy!

Here's a post by RAZOR that you should read if you're thinking about installing alcohol injection............

"Listen, an alcohol injection system is basically a pump, nozzle and tank. The simpler it is kept the easier it is. If you have the ability to install a car can do this.

No matter what route you take..they all lead to the same river..pump,nozzle, and tank. The debates are how to control the pumps. Both the prefab kits like the SMC, DIY, and stuff I do are all going in the same direction. They all require wiring, drilling, mounting stuff. The experience and technical assistance available on this board cannot be surpassed by any other web site.

If you do your reading and spend some time visiting sites and will get a grasp on line 1

The complications happen when you break into the 11's for power.. Thats when the power is really being made and requirements are higher.

Decide what you would like the car to do..then make a game plan how your going to take care of that issue..thats what this forum is for. To give different views on the same thing. I too had your feelings initially when I did mine 2 years i understand.

There are pro's and cons to every way you decide to go about doing this..they usually revolve around $$$ and convenience

And just can do this with your your end result of 02's will vary with fueling. Your looking for zero knock and a happy motor. Direct scan/turbolink are needed for extended diagnostics. like making chips.."