DIY alky injection


Oct 28, 2001
I have been recently using a homemade alky injection kit on my car in favor of an intercooler. Have had very good results, with boost levels well above 20 psi on 50/50 alky/water and 93 octane. My problem is that the design I have is rather crude, with the alcohol spraying into the intake pipe before the TB and turbo. I am using an electric fuel pump for pressure, piped through fuel hose, and into a 90 degree NOS nozzle. This system does not seem to atomize the mixture at all, which I think may be damaging my turbo. Is there a better nozzle to use which will spray a finer mist? Where do I get it?
go to Mcmaster Carr and look up misting nozzles. That is what I have. They have multiple sizes. look at p/n 3178k87 and 3178k75