DIY mods?


New Member
Sep 19, 2003
has anyone done any mods to make the power windows on a gn
faster? I know kirban perf. has a kit/wire, but I'd rather save the $$$ if I can do it myself.

I would just suggest installing a new motor (under $50 at autozone) in the passenger side. The driver side normally isn't slow.
I don't think I need new motors, the car only has 80,000 original
mile on it, I think they are just slow by design
I was always told they are slow because Buick used the smallest motors they could find to save weight.
what would I need to do to improve the pwr windows, to make them go up in down a little faster? different motors?:confused:
I think so.I saw a post waaaaay back about changing the motors out to speed them up.Try a search on windows.
80,000 miles but 16 years old. Different motor fix is propoganda. DOES NOT WORK! Try the kirban fix. Some claim it works.