Does anyone make 90* bend turbo hoses??


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Aug 13, 2001
Does anyone sell 90* Turbo hoses??? Or very close to a 90* turn? Thanks in advance
Originally posted by fatride
Thanks Dude:D What happend to your white T?????
Some Scum MF stole it at 3am,just sent all the paper work in to the insurance co. hope they do me right.New one is on the way..
Whats goin on with my old car:cool:
Well I only put about 300 miles on it since it left your drive way. Didn't have anytime to drive it this summer.Took it to a couple of car shows, thats about it. Got some nice trophys!Alot of changes going on. I'm working on getting the FMIC put in now, then I'm going to redo all the springs, put some Belltech spindles up front, then some 17's or 18's on it. Not sure yet. I'll drop you some pics of it when it's done. Talk to you later.
Great send piics when it done,,you have some will power bud,only 300 miles:)
Yah, it sucks seeing the car, and not being able to drive her. I'll keep you posted:)