doesnt work

Otto J

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May 31, 2001
i have an smc alky kit and it functions properly,sprays properly,but yet my car does not like it at all
i turn it to 5 and turn on at 14 #s and it backfires and bogs out
set it a little lower and i get detonation,turn it off and the car runs awesome, tried adding boost and/or timing and nothing helps, is it possible it just doesnt work on my car?
it will be up for sale if it doesnt help me
Could be it does not work on your setup , but if you know someone that has a kit that you could tradeout with it would be interesting to see if something is not right with the kit. Calibration off or something of that nature.
Sounds like your drowning it but if its only on level 5 that wouldn't seem to be the case. If mine comes on too early I bog and buck but right around 14 psi it screams. I would think something is wrong with your kit or you just haven't found that sweet spot yet. Mine wasn't very hard to tune at all.
ive tried it in every combonation i can find turn on high turn on low set at 1-10 doesnt matter where, i found that i took off thenozzle and it didnt even shootout until the dial was on 3 -4 or so any more than that and the car stumbles and back fires?
Have you tried playing with the fuel pressure? Maybe turning the pressure down a bit. I have the dual nozzle set up and found that I was horribly rich when the alky came on. I lowered it a bit and now it screams. Good luck

First and foremost: Did you turn up the boost at least 3 psi more after you installed the kit? If you have your car tuned properly, then purchase and install the SMC, of course it will drown it out. This kit is designed to work with more boost. I got 5 psi more with no knock. I have my turn on point at 10 psi, but you have to floor it. There is no good 3/4 throttle driveability.
Check your plugs now that it has bogged and backfired some. Make sure the gap is around 32-33 too. I had the same problem till I upped the boost to 19 PSI, replaced the then alchy/gas fouled pluggs and gaped them to 32-33, turned the on point to 14psi and speed to 6. Worked for me......with decent part throttle driveability. I also backed the fuel down a tad in the chip, but you should be able to do that with the reg. somewhat. Give it a try, and watch out for knock. Let us know what you get....