Door locks


Dec 17, 2010
Hi. This is my first post and its a long one.The problem is on both doors they wont lock unless you have the key in the cylinder or you lock it from inside.But if you turn the key back to the neutral position to pull the key out it unlocks the door.If I loosen the 3 screws on the latch (door portion) I can lock it and pull the key out.I think it sounds like a linkage problem but I just find it strange both doors are doing this.I went over this car very well when I bought it but never even thought to check something this basic and didnt find it out for a while.
No its not the security system it seems to be something mechanical,you can have it totaly disabled and it still does it.
Its not the factory option system with the switch on the door cylinder either,its not wired into the electric locks @ all.