Door Pull Strap Trim


New Member
Hello I'm kind of new to the forums and I am looking for the black and chrome door pull strap trim pieces for my 87 grand national. I need all four trim pieces as well as the four pull strap screw covers. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
I have both front and rear right side escutcheons that are in excellent shape for $150 and $10 shipping. Sorry no left ones or screw covers right now.
Ok, Thanks and just to let you know the rears are the same right or left. These things are getting awful hard to find in nice shape anymore.
I have all 4(very nice shape), no broken mounting tabs, holes, nice chrome no grey color variation..the 2 fronts do have the small piece that goes on the back side of strap broken out..but once mounted it's never seen..It took many pieces to put this set together. NO COVERS, but their still available.$300 shipped/insured, lower 48 states, paypal only! Serious inquires by PM.