Door seals EBAY..........worthless??


I remember seeing one of that companies ads a while back pertaining to door seals and they were in the "metro" packaging. Metro is the same stuff Kirban sells. In that ad it is not clear who's seal that is. I ordered a mirror from that company and were very helpful . They have a 800 # so if you were to ask they'dd might be able to tell you whose seal it is. That ad is for the door seals which, IMO, are not as critical as the window seals which really need to be good quality for a proper seal, fit and pliability. Drew
I have the metro door seals on my T and they fit perfect. I am sure the quality is not as good as GM, but I am happy with mine.
Aftermarkets are'll be replacing them soon. Just get the right stuff from the beginning.
GM vs aftermarket

There have been many opinions of aftermarket weatherstripping's fit but I have yet to see anyone say the GM stuff doesn't fit. I've been throught the aftermarket route and I won't do it again. so take your chances. I didn't "know" what others were saying about the aftermarket stuff untill I purchased it and began to install it. Never again. Drew
I would never buy window or T-top seals that were not GM, but as I sad before these door seals fit gret and I have no air leaks.