Double gauge hood mount brackets - teaser pics

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Mark Hueffman - Owner
Any interest in these?? This is in "raw" state. Singles are in the works too. Have been for a while actually.:rolleyes:


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Looks good to me. I can somewhat agree with the ricey comment on the twin setup, but maybe if you had some crazy mechanical gauges that couldnt go in the car...

Looks like a well built piece... Although it throws the "sleeper" status right out the window for me...:frown:
If you make these available I will definitely be getting one (single and dual are both nice). Unfortunately the sleeper thing is out the window for me anyway. Can't fool anybody around here with a GN...maybe if I had a Turbo T...

go for it mark ill buy the single for sure
had an old k/b one on the 1st gn would use one again on this one!!!

How do you intend these to be mounted? I see the 4 holes but any idea if somebody doesn't want to make holes in the hood?
Defenately interested in the single one and poss. the duel to get my oil pis gauge out of the interior since it's mechanical
Kenne Bells bolted to where the light is under the hood .. prob the same place:confused: Cops around here would love to see them on your car :eek:
I can say put me down for the single guage bracket on your first production run. I have the guage and line, just waiting for the bracket unless I get creative and make one myself:eek:
So you could have one for fuel pressure and one for boost? Would be nice to see both in one place! :smile: