down pipe?


have a little money ($500) to spend and I still have the stock down pipe set up. will a TH style downpipe make much difference in power ad spool up or should i go in a different direction and why?

thanks for any suggestions.
With the mods you already have on the car I'd say a TH style 3" downpipe would definitelty be a worthwhile addition. A THDP seems to pay dividends on 12 sec and faster cars.
On my other car I sold a few years back I had the TA49 turbo with a stock downpipe. Then I bought a THDP and I noticed immediately better spool up and even picked up a couple of mph with it. So if it was me I would buy a downpipe for it. That should let that 49 breathe a little easier.:biggrin:
I Had One On My Gn When It Was Running Low 13 With The Addition Of The Down Pipe And 2 And A Half Inch Exhaust Ran 12.63@107 Mph Back In 2002 Lot Faster Now Lol!!!!
I have a almost new jethot coated BGC 3" downpipe for sale- $350. shipped-comes with a upgraded ( no sticking or hanging up ) better inconel flapper-larger for better boost and high temps. I went to a external wastegat is reason for selling.
...Gn1 performance has a good quality 3" that comes with an external wastegate setup...i just bought one and its a very nice piece for 450...noah.