drilling gov. weight?? i have a question


Breaking parts
May 28, 2001
hey guys i have a governor with a set screw to hold in the spring and i realized it was never drilled to lighten it up. the car shifts at 4200 rpm at WOT. should i start out with two 1/8" holes in it or go with one. i need about 800 rpms where should i start i have only 2 governor gaskets at the moments so i want to get as close as possible till i get more. thanks for any help
after lightening up the weight will that also let more line presure through to everyting?? i know waht i want to explain but i cant...lol. but getting the smaller wait lighter should also get higher line pressure thorough yes?
Has absoluty nothing to do with line pressure. It has to do with the pressure you have in gov circuit vs centrifical force. Does not increase or decrease pressure just directs it.

lol thats what i sorta meant. it doesnt increase line pressure just lets it all get to whre its going. so im guessing if the weight on the gov is worng its not letting the full line pressure go where it has to go just some of it? thanks again bruce