Driver's side exaust manifold needed...


Staff member
May 28, 2001
Anyone got one laying around or know of someone that like to sell it to me? Leaky or not it does not matter. I need one to have it rewelded and swap out the leaky one I have on my GN. Thanks.
got em!

Hey Jackson,
I have a couple laying around. They both need to be repaired though. Just give me your old one when you take it off to be swapped. Give me a call if you want to use one for now.
Thanks Derek, i'll give you a call soon and can meet up or i'll come by your house to pick it up. Would you know what will the best way to reweld it? I heard Tig will be the best for the manifold.
Hey Jackson,
No problem. I think I heard that tig welding is acceptable but, just make sure that you have the manifold torqued to the cylinder head so that it doesn't get warped. If you need a spare cylinder head too, i have a few on hand. Call me later.