dual fans


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Jun 23, 2007
gbody has two dual fan setup one better than the other look same other than wireing and relay
IMO, you need the wiring & relay update.
I see post w/o the wiring/relay update, the stock wiring gets to hot.
Even with the wiring the fan motors still go Thats why they are so cheap... How do I know???

On my second set and the pass side fan motor is started to squeak after 3 months. And shortly after that the wiring is starting to get hot due to the excess amps from the bearings going.
Thats where the fans came from in the first place they did not hold up for the OEM and then some one bought all the stock.

They are cheap and flat work but the motors go out. How long will they last?? Everyone is different

First set lasted me 1.5 years and one of the fan motors limped along for 6 more months and finally died. and then of course as stated above the whole new fan assem I bought from G body parst is one the same route.

Hard to argue with the price but they dont hold up.

My 02
Not saying they wont work...they will and will cool great. Just dont be surprised if you start to hear the motor squealing as they come to a stop after a few months.

Good luck