dual nozzels

Yes, Steve does have a dual nozzle kit. If memory serves, they are .031" whereas the single is a .047". I think he recommends the dual nozzle setup to 11 second customers... like you! :)

The twin nozzles are able to atomize better than going to an even bigger single.
The dual nozzle kit is 369.00 if my memory serves me right, I run the single myself...havent made any pass with it yet..but on the street 23 psi..no knock(only a little bit on the punch and it disappears in the next frame on the scanmaster)..

I have the stock single nozzle right now. If i get the $25 dual nozzles will I have to redrill the hole to a different size where the stock nozzle went into?
Just want to move this to the top because I'm curious as well and would like to see some pics. I ordered a new SMC kit on the GP and wonder if the duals would bennifit me. Car ran 11.73 with 009's and FM. I should be able to turn it up a little more with the 50's.
I do believe that the nozzles are of the same design, just two smaller ones which equal greater total volume than the single. Steve recommended to me that anyone in the 11s or faster would want the dual nozzles. I have them on my WE4 which has the potential for 11s, and on my GN which isn't an 11 second car and they seem fine.

You can bet the duals will be on my T-Type, too, when I get the bugs worked out! ;)
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Chad any pics of the dual set up?

Unfortunately I don't have a digital camera anymore otherwise I would get a picture.

Basically it "Y"'s from the alchy container into 2 #10 nozzles in the up-pipe. One I have mounted down low on the up-pipe and the other I have up near the throttle body on the passenger side.
How much more alchy w/ dual nozzles?

Thinking about ordering the dual nozzle set up from SMC and want to know what anyones experience has been w/ alchy usage?How much more than a single nozzle set up?

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