Dynotech Performance In Manville, NJ


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Dynotech Performance In Manville, NJ

Eric Schertz will be moving his business and operations to a western Long Island location, not yet finally determined.
His Manville shop will be open and working for approximately another 6 to 8 weeks.

His new (and larger) shop in L.I. will continue with business as usual, i.e. servicing and up-grading computer controlled Buicks including T/R's, FWD Regals or just about any other name or brand fuel injected vehicles.
Eric's expertise is in building bullet proof performance transmissions
Didn't know that. I haven't been there since the summer. What about Jim and Justin - are they going too?
PNYKLR said:
I dont know if you're questioning me I was just asking if anyone heard anything else about this move

Sorry, it was intended to be a bump "TTT". I'm wondering too. :redface: