Eastwood Fuel Guard, anyone tried it?


The Artist FKA Scott4DMny
Anyone using this stuff? Sounds like a good alternative to revamping your entire fuel system to accomodate the corrosive effects of E85.

From their website:

Don't let Ethanol in today's gas damage your vehicle!

Eastwood's Fuel Guard additive system prevents the harmful effects caused by Ethanol and prevents corrosion, gumming and resin build-up. Use Fuel Guard Protection formula with every fill-up and Fuel Stabilizer formula for storage up to 12 months
•Prevents Ethanol Phase Separation and the harmful impact of Ethanol blended fuels
•Stabilizes Ethanol-blended fuels
•Prevents corrosion in the fuel system
•Helps remove water
•Keeps stored fuel fresh for easy starting
•Protects against gum & resin build-up
•Prevents clogged carburetors, injectors, filters & fuel lines
•Compatible with all 2 & 4 stroke engines
•Contains no harmful alcohol or hydroscopic additives

Eastwood Fuel Guard Additive - Daily Driver Formula
With that list of claims I would not trust it. For example;

"Helps remove water" -- not a chance- it cannot do anything ethanol does not already do.

"Protects against gum & resin build-up" ---bogus-- gum and resin buildup are issues with gasoline- not ethanol.

While it may help a little bit- fuel grade ethanol already contains corrosion inhibitors and I know of no way to prevent moisture gain in any fuel without closing the fuel system totally to free air exchange. These claims are just a way to try to add value in our minds for something we hope it will fix. Most over the counter additives (OTC) over the years have been proven to have little or no value. The are a few exceptions of course. Additives are used by oil companies for specific needs such as anti-oxidant, pipeline lube, detergency, and several for diesel such as octyl nitrate to raise cetane, etc. Most of the quality stuff available to them is not found in the OTC market or if so- very very diluted.

I am a very cynical about most of the OTC stuff after some 30 years in the fuel business as you see. I would not trust it to make possible avoiding proper fuel lines and fittings. You might do well- but that may only be because much of the hype about ethanol problems are overblown anyway- in part because it pays these types of marketers to "create the need" for their magic dust to begin with.