Eastwoods body paint ?


Jan 14, 2008
Has anyone used Eastwoods auto body paint? Have any of your friends used it? Is it compareable to othe paints like PPG or Dupont? I was looking at the prices and it seems like a good price when your on a limited budget and not working. The only thing that i see is that the colors are very limited.
I do not know much about Eastwoods paint. I had my car painted with a Dupont single stage paint. Looks great and cost under 600 for the paint. Single stage has its downside tho (for repairs and buffing) but the upside would have to be the cost. Overall I am very happy with how it came out. I baby my car anyways. She doesnt even go out in the rain. =]
Was that Centari? If so, WOW I've been outa the game too long! I just suggested their Nason line to him earlier today. By extending the quart I needed last mo. to Gal. the price would be 25% of yours. Definitely a little harder to spray tho. Anybody got some good suggestions of low cost and decent paint for my bud here?

Personally I like Centari, but want him to get a good deal on a quality product, whatever the brand. I can shoot anything!