Ebay FMIC Install

Well I finally decided to try the Ebay FMIC. Pretty easy for the most part. it took me and my cousin a full day to do most of the cutting on the pipes. Took it out last night for some test runs and it pulls a lot stronger even on 13psi. Havent cranked it up past that yet because im still working out the pipes the blow off under boost. In all it cost me around $400 for everything 200 for the intercooler and 150 for the pipes and hoses then some money in misc. stuff. Anyway heres some pics, I havent got it all back together yet but heres what it looks like so far. I cant find the exact intercooler on ebay atm but ill keep looking. heres some pics while we were installing it and test fitting. Sorry for the poor quality




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Will keep you guys updated, if you have any questions or want some specific pics let me know.
I hope these pics post :cool:
Hey man,dunno if you remember me, but Im the kid from Westheimer about 2 weeks ago!

Glad to see that's workin out for you. Is that the same one JD used? How much trouble was it to get it all working together, because I really need to get my program stepped up here pretty soon. I was out at the meet off 290 last night and it's got me inspired to finally get to work on my car... The best meet I have been to in two year hands down... too bad Im going back up to Denton for school in two week ahahaha.

So whats the butt dyno telling you?
Hey, Ya its the same one as Jdsfastgn and a few others on this board. But for just being on 13psi and not really getting WOT it feels really strong. I got everything i needed off ebay, ill try to post the exact kit i used. It really wasnt hard to install at all just use a hacksaw to cut the pipes the right lenght. Ill let you know how it goes once i turn the boost up.
They work well and great job on the install. If anyone wants one I got a used one for sale also.