EGR Problem


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Nov 26, 2001
Got the 87 GN out today for a while and got an SES. It came on just a few seconds after starting the car. Checked the code and got a 32 (EGR system). Normally cleaning the EGR valve solves this for me. I cleaned it out and replaced the gasket. Started the car and there is the SES. Checked it and it was another 32. The diaphram is good in the EGR and holds vac. What is the easiest way to check the solenoid? Is there any other common problems that cause this light? I checked the diagnosis and conditions that have to be met on GNTTYPE.ORG but was wondering about testing. On the other cars I have encountered this problem on, cleaning the EGR did the trick, but not this time. Thanks in advance! :confused:

Try checking the EGR solenoid i was getting the same code and cleaned the egr and found out it was the solenoid i replaced it with a used one and i dont get thr check engine light anymore. :D :D
One way to check is with the car cold, car pull the egr cover off and remove the vac. hose. Crank the car and reach under the bottom side of the egr and feel the diaphragm. Slide the vac. hose on and see if it moves. If it does then you need a new solenoid. I'm not sure how to check the electrical part of it.
Thanks for the info guys, I am going to fool with it today and see what happens! ;)
Code 32 sets if the vacuum switch closes at idle or won't close under part throttle operation.

Switch is C + D on the connector, brown or red wire is one terminal and the other is the black white ground wire.

Read a probe stuck into the brown/red wire with an Ohmmeter to a good ground and see if it is closed (short read on meter) car off, at idle, or stays an open circuit (high ohms) reading under part load/throttle.

Check for vacuum on the feed line first.
Thanks alot, I will check that in the morning! I took the solenoid off today and found it was stopped up (at the filter). I changed the filter and cleaned out the solenoid real good. It did not throw the 32 after starting, but after I rinsed the motor off, I was letting it run to dry everything out and after about 10-15 minutes it gave it again. :confused: So obviously there is another problem.