Elecctronic Boost Controller Help

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the Apexi Avc-r is what i'm lookin at. Will this work on an 87 GN. My friend has one in his del sol and it is so awsome. it tells you alot of info you need to know while you are driving. he said the AVC-R is the model for turbo cars. sounds even better than his. well thanks alot.


Very few folks run the APEX stuff. WHy, probably cause they do not sell anything Turbo Buick specific. Most guys run the Modern Muscle Boost Commander. It is kinda touchy but works very well for $150. I like it. The other alternative is the MSBC that Jack Cotton sells (Made by Innovative Turbo). It has more inputs than the AVC-R and it has constant feedback. I think tha MSBC is a little more expensive, but you get more for your $$$. Check it out, or call Jack Cotton. ERIC.