Electrical problem/ starting


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I just took the battery tender off my car and tried to start it. If it hasnt been started in a month or so I will disconnect the orange wire coupling behind the battery and crank it 3x for 10 secounds, then re-conect to make sure it doesnt dry start. I cranked it the first time then went to crank it the second time and the dome light went out and I had nothing on the start position on the key. I pulled the battery and had it checked at two different places. They said it load tested ok. I put it back in and nothing. Went back out to the garadge after 10 min and the interior lights were back on, tried it again and when you turn the key every thing goes off no cranking. This battery has two sets of termanals on it. could the ones that bolt to the maim wires be bad and the top posts good? I have never had a problem out of this car before. It is a 2 owner 22k car. any ideas? I if the battery is good what is the next step? Thanks in advance........
battery side terminals were bad

Side terminals of the battery were breaking down under load. Top terminals were ok and the only ones that the parts places tested.