Electronic Exhaust cutout kit feedback needed


I have an offroad test pipe that I would like to put an electronic cutout kit on to. What is everyone using? And recommendations?
I have a QTP 3” electric cutout. Awesome piece. Works great every time I want to blast down a back road:)
I've had cut out kits on several cars (not on the Buick) and EVERY one of them eventually gave up and started leaking in pretty short order.

But that's just my experience.
Haven't been to the track yet, just street racing, but I can feel the difference when opened up. I installed mine a couple years ago. On the dyno test, when open I loss HP, and gained on the Torque side
I was in the garage and thought of your post:) Anyway, here is how mine is set up. No idea on brand. Others probably know. I bought it used here in the mid 2000s.


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