elite car audio dot com


It's my Granny's car!
Has anyone looked at www.elitecaraudio.com ? Saw the new JL W7 subs. If they sound as good as they look they will be awsome! They seem to have pretty update industry news- RF is buying MB Quart. Audio Wizard your site looks nice,especially for your first time! www.doug95z.cz28.com is mine but I aint updated in months cuz our house burnt and destroyed my PC. Now my new one has XP windows and my program for downloading from my camera wont work.
I've nozed around elite for a little bit. Its a good place.

Yeah the W7 is indeed a very awesome sub. I haven't had the pleasure of listening to one, but all the reviews and comments i've read from people who own it are nothing short of OMG! Its just EXPENSIVE!
Thanks Doug,
I visited your site and I want to build my next one that you can click on links to access information and pics, the one I have doesnt do that. Nice Site :) .